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Thursday, May 13, 2010


This painting is a shout out to the 'hoods in Cleveland. I really do get so tired of hearing people talk about the city with such negativity. Problems? Yup. Every city has them. Post- industrial economic decline? There's that.

I'm not such a pollyanna to believe that people aren't part of/ most of the problem. But I do believe that human beings are a strange mix of brokenness and beauty, and when we cease to seek and see the beauty, then we have a REAL problem.


each panel is 18"x18"
acrylic and paper
on canvas
(sides painted black)

Love Covers

This piece in my text/montage series is getting a little more literal. I've been focusing on design, composition and color, but since I'm using so much text I felt I might as well say something!

Love Covers

acrylic, mixed media
on hardboard

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Sleep 'Till...

This is the second in my montage series inspired by paper plastered telephone poles. On this piece, I also used an old map of NYC and antique dictionary pages. I'm really enjoying the convergence of text and color. I can see this being a direction I want to push a little harder. As a matter of fact, I think it could be fun to do some personal montages for folks... More on that later!

No Sleep 'Till
acrylic, mixed media, acrylic glaze

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Series

The idea for this series emerged last fall, when I spent some time in Huntington Beach, CA. Maybe it was the always blue sky and the perfect sunlight, but everything seemed beautiful... including the peeling, scraped off and half-covered show posters that covered every telephone pole and light post.

I took a lot of photos of these graphic wonders, and am finally getting around to using the references for a series. I think they will give me a good opportunity to learn more and experiment more with composition and color relationships. I hope some good things come from these!

The first photo here is the actual light post - pretty sweet, huh? I think I'll make it a goal to photograph these where ever I go. I can collect shots in Kent, Cleveland, and SanFrancisco in a month when I visit there!

The second photo is the first painting in the series. It is called "Gazetteer", after the dictionary entry.

8"x10" unframed, 10"x12" framed
acrylic, acrylic glaze, antique dictionary page, acrylic transfer
Comes framed in a semi-gloss, black, wooden frame.

See my etsy site for sales information:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cleveland Trunk!

I have been working on this so fun project for a while now... The goal was to take this old steamer trunk, and make it into an auctionable piece for a Cleveland Orchestra fundraiser.

I was given the trunk, which, in fact, has been used by the Orchestra for almost 100 years! Various musicians have stored their personal belongings in it when the orchestra has traveled overseas. Most recently, a the principal tuba player had it.

After loving the trunk, and staring long and hard at it as it sat waiting to be worked on, I finally saw the Cleveland skyline emerge along the sides. (The trunk is actually oriented vertically, but it seems to be more versatile in a home as a low table rather than as a column.) Once I saw the skyline, things began to fall together.

I am a huge fan of the city of Cleveland. Such a wealth of culture there, and so underrated! I am really happy to be able to express my appreciation for the city and its culture in this piece.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Finally Here!

Spring Fling
Acrylic on canvas
2.5 inch deep wrap

This commission is almost finished.... Just have to paint and glaze the sides.

I enjoyed thinking about this piece, making it and now looking at it! I think I REALLY needed to see some color this March. - It was a long winter.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long Enchanted


This is another commission, which I'm due to deliver this weekend.
I've grown really attached to it, and don't really want to let it go! I guess that's the nature of this business, though.

The colors seem to play very well off of each other, with the red and gold trees each commanding attention. I've always been attracted to the shapes inside and around the focal objects of a painting, in nature, on a page...often these are the main attraction for me. I love these serendipitous goodies, and I'm very fond of a few of these in "Long Enchanted".

"Long Enchanted"
3 cradled, canvas-covered
hardboard panels
16"x20" ea.
Acrylic, gilders paste
and acrylic glaze



I really like this piece. I like how the colors and movement of the trees interact in a kind of a dance.

I actually don't mind my NE Ohio winters too much, but am obviously wanting to interject a little color into the scenery!

Acrylic on
gallery wrapped canvas

Enchanted Series - Red Enchantment


"Red Enchantment"
acrylic and
gilders paste
gallery wrapped

I've been reading the book of Grimm's Fairy Tales to my children recently. I loved it when I was a girl, and we are all enjoying it now. I think this is what's put the "Enchantment" in my mind. And the red does remind me of a certain hooded cloak.

Journey Tree for a friend

Journey Tree
Acrylic, mixed media,
acrylic glaze on
gallery wrapped

This was a commission I worked on for Christmas. A friend wanted to document the journey he and his wife have been on together. I used a map inside the branch to highlight their hometowns, and where they've lived since they've been together and had kids. This is a personal piece, so while the names may not mean much to anyone else, there are rich memories associated with these places for my friends. The branch and the embedded map continue on to suggest the paths they may take in the future, as well as the continuing journeys of their children.