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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long Enchanted


This is another commission, which I'm due to deliver this weekend.
I've grown really attached to it, and don't really want to let it go! I guess that's the nature of this business, though.

The colors seem to play very well off of each other, with the red and gold trees each commanding attention. I've always been attracted to the shapes inside and around the focal objects of a painting, in nature, on a page...often these are the main attraction for me. I love these serendipitous goodies, and I'm very fond of a few of these in "Long Enchanted".

"Long Enchanted"
3 cradled, canvas-covered
hardboard panels
16"x20" ea.
Acrylic, gilders paste
and acrylic glaze



I really like this piece. I like how the colors and movement of the trees interact in a kind of a dance.

I actually don't mind my NE Ohio winters too much, but am obviously wanting to interject a little color into the scenery!

Acrylic on
gallery wrapped canvas

Enchanted Series - Red Enchantment


"Red Enchantment"
acrylic and
gilders paste
gallery wrapped

I've been reading the book of Grimm's Fairy Tales to my children recently. I loved it when I was a girl, and we are all enjoying it now. I think this is what's put the "Enchantment" in my mind. And the red does remind me of a certain hooded cloak.

Journey Tree for a friend

Journey Tree
Acrylic, mixed media,
acrylic glaze on
gallery wrapped

This was a commission I worked on for Christmas. A friend wanted to document the journey he and his wife have been on together. I used a map inside the branch to highlight their hometowns, and where they've lived since they've been together and had kids. This is a personal piece, so while the names may not mean much to anyone else, there are rich memories associated with these places for my friends. The branch and the embedded map continue on to suggest the paths they may take in the future, as well as the continuing journeys of their children.