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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cleveland Trunk!

I have been working on this so fun project for a while now... The goal was to take this old steamer trunk, and make it into an auctionable piece for a Cleveland Orchestra fundraiser.

I was given the trunk, which, in fact, has been used by the Orchestra for almost 100 years! Various musicians have stored their personal belongings in it when the orchestra has traveled overseas. Most recently, a the principal tuba player had it.

After loving the trunk, and staring long and hard at it as it sat waiting to be worked on, I finally saw the Cleveland skyline emerge along the sides. (The trunk is actually oriented vertically, but it seems to be more versatile in a home as a low table rather than as a column.) Once I saw the skyline, things began to fall together.

I am a huge fan of the city of Cleveland. Such a wealth of culture there, and so underrated! I am really happy to be able to express my appreciation for the city and its culture in this piece.

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