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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Series

The idea for this series emerged last fall, when I spent some time in Huntington Beach, CA. Maybe it was the always blue sky and the perfect sunlight, but everything seemed beautiful... including the peeling, scraped off and half-covered show posters that covered every telephone pole and light post.

I took a lot of photos of these graphic wonders, and am finally getting around to using the references for a series. I think they will give me a good opportunity to learn more and experiment more with composition and color relationships. I hope some good things come from these!

The first photo here is the actual light post - pretty sweet, huh? I think I'll make it a goal to photograph these where ever I go. I can collect shots in Kent, Cleveland, and SanFrancisco in a month when I visit there!

The second photo is the first painting in the series. It is called "Gazetteer", after the dictionary entry.

8"x10" unframed, 10"x12" framed
acrylic, acrylic glaze, antique dictionary page, acrylic transfer
Comes framed in a semi-gloss, black, wooden frame.

See my etsy site for sales information:

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